printer flatbed cnc machine on flat objects
printer - پرینتر

printer flatbed cnc machine on flat objects

Printing desired images on a variety of MDF, wood, stone, glass, acrylic, metal, leather, ceramics, composites and .....

specific Features for customers order

1- High speed head and high quality (20 to 30) square meters per hour 
2- Creating 3D designs and features Automatic color cleaning system 
3- Additional colours to 7 colours for increasing the clarity and (Shining  head, white colour head, head for more clarity) + Smart bevel jack and support battery system 
4- Dimension 200×300 and 130×250 (cm)
5- Separated shining technology with double high quality

Basic features devices

1- UV European lamp 
2- Single phase voltage 
3- Servo motor dynamic system 
4- Standard size 250×130cm
5- Vacuum system for fixing the workpiece 
6- Automatic ultraviolet radiation system 
7- High quality head with average of 4 to 10 square meter speed per hour 
8- Head protection system against the objects 
9- Head heating control system 
10- Antistatic system 
11- UV lamp power system 
12- Professional negative pressure system 
13- White color rotary system 
14- Four color CMYK
15- Automatic altimeter
16- The height 10cm

Benefit product

A golden year warranty - free education - accepting all the images from Photoshop software and Carl and ... -The application converts photos into printable files - very easy - very strong chassis