CNC machine hacker 2500

CNC machine hacker 2500

Execution of various designs including drilling, cutting, grooving, mosaic, inlay, 3D and Vcurve on various types of mdf, wood, composite, stone and soft metals with various tools

specific Features for customers order
  • German flexi design chassis

  • New design chassis 2018

  • Automatic lubrication system

  • Advanced European controller

  • Drilling system, door and MDF

  • Laser and pneumatic intelligent automatic socket jack

  • Electric uum vacuum valve system and touch control

  • Automatic tool change with 9 kW spindle, 24000 rpm Italy (5 pieces)

  • Very fast automatic tool replacement with new design chassis (10 pieces)

  • Ultra-fast automatic tool replacement 2 tools

  • Replacement of the tool in the form of a replacement head with 3 separate spindles

  • Rotation system for sculpture and circular objects (fourth axis)

  • Surge detector system to create equal depth in corrugated and swinging doors with special sensor

  • Aluminum vacuum table with a thickness of 20 mm

  • Vacuum pad table (console table) at the same time as felt

  • Replacement head with 3 separate spindles

Basic features devices
  • Dimensions of small mdfs 250 * 130 cm

  • The external dimensions of the device are 200 * 360 * 220 cm

  • Remote control

  • Italian oblique gears

  • Central lubrication system

  • Sermotor engine systems

  • Workpiece automatic altimeter depth

  • Consumption voltage of one phase and 3 phases by customer order

  • The spindle has 7 kilowatts and an engine speed of 24,000 Italians

  • A number of water vacuum pumps uum with a proper distribution of 200 cubic meters

  • Has an intelligent Persian automatic troubleshooting system with plc

  • American controller with network and computer connection and Persian software

Benefit product
  • One year golden warranty

  • Free Education

  • Quickly convert photos to layouts

  • Simultaneous display of shapes and designs

  • Persian software for easy use

  • Fast and safe up to 60 meters per minute

  • Ability to work on 250 pieces in a row without stopping

  • Accept all shapes and designs of software

  •   Photoshop - Artcam-Corel Drow - Autocad - Powermill - Catia