8-head and 4-axis dual-purpose cnc machine

8-head and 4-axis dual-purpose cnc machine

The best inlay. 8-head inlay machine (eight heads) The best CNC inlay machine with the ability to work on all kinds of circular circular objects, beds, inlays, sofa bases, crowns and mdf

specific Features for customers order
  • Movable table system

  • Simultaneous 5-axis system

  • Resize to customer order

  • Z axis of two motors

  • Italian 4.5kw HSD spindles

  • Fire Alarm System

  • Night control system

Basic features devices

General features of the device: Italian oblique gears - Servo motor drive system - Spindle flow control - Automatic lubrication system - Sliding bird system - With intelligent automatic troubleshooting system - With first-class 4KW Turkish spindles - Four simultaneous axes for the base Furniture for special sofas in the market - Ability to change the distances between horizontal and vertical spindles - Execution of work on a variety of inlaid flat plates and sofa base - Work on 4 to 16 pieces of work at the same time to customer order - Has professional control without the need for PC with Special capabilities for inlay work - Workpiece holder 40 * 210 (8 pieces) and 80 * 210 (4 pieces) cm and bird diameter 40CM - External dimensions of the machine 200 * 380 * 500 cm

Benefit product

One year golden warranty - Free training - high speed and safe up to 40 meters per minute - Ability to perform work on 8 pieces simultaneously